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qualify for Medicaid Home Care Benefits since 2012.

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Staying in your home means the world to you and your loved one. KTS Pooled Trust helps keep them safe by meeting income eligibility requirements for government benefits to make staying home a reality. Our Medicaid pooled trust not only helps get you qualified but also manages your expenses. Because your peace of mind is our mission.

Local Medicaid Pooled Trust & Planning Services in Brooklyn, NY

KTS Trust is your local solution for Medicaid pooled trust and Medicaid planning services around Brooklyn, NY. We offer services, including elderly trust services and disability trust management, designed to help you navigate the complexities of Medicaid and secure benefits for your unique needs.

Our expert team specializes in creating and managing Medicaid trust pools, offering comprehensive pooled trust services to individuals and families in Brooklyn and nearby areas. Whether you’re seeking a reliable pooled trust advisor or comprehensive pooled trust management, our team is ready to assist.

Elderly and Disability Trust Services

At KTS Trust, we understand the importance of planning for the future. Our elderly trust services provide a secure financial structure designed to maximize the quality of life for seniors. Similarly, our disability trust services ensure individuals with disabilities maintain access to essential public benefits while preserving their financial independence.

Comprehensive Medicaid Planning Solutions

Effective Medicaid planning can feel challenging and overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help you navigate Medicaid planning solutions, including community Medicaid and Medicaid home care benefits. Our experienced Medicaid planners are dedicated to helping you understand and utilize these benefits effectively.

Whether you’re searching for a Medicaid pooled income trust nearby or Medicaid planning services close to you, rest assured that we have the knowledge and dedication to serve you best. Trust KTS Trust to guide you through the process and deliver solutions tailored to your needs.

Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in your Medicaid planning journey. With KTS Trust, you have a trusted partner in Medicaid planning and pooled trust services nearby in Brooklyn, NY.

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WHAT is a Pooled Trust

and HOW does it work?

A Pooled Trust manages the income and expenses of each member in order to continue eligibility for stay-at-home Medicaid benefits. Although pooled together, each member has a personal account that is established to handle monthly deposits and pay bills.

Medicaid benefits of Pooled Trust Services

A pooled trust helps you, or your parent or grandparent, qualify for Medicaid benefits for care at home.

Pooled Trust Services To Manage Excess Income And Bills

As a member, your excess income * and bills are managed monthly to ensure continued eligibility

Medicaid Trust Pool Brooklyn NY

Each pooled trust is regulated and bound by the rules of both Federal and state governments.

*Any income earned above the allowable limit needs to be deposited into the trust to meet eligibility requirements.

KTS Pooled Trust In Brooklyn NY

First-Class Services

Our services and features make joining a pooled trust a stress-free experience with a simple, straight-forward, and dependable process.

Simple to enroll with KTS – get started with an easy application process

online account access – your account is visible 24 hours a day, seven days a week

24/7 phone access to your account – hear all your transactions anytime, day or night

customer service and communication outreach – reliable service and member notices

same-day bill payment – bills are paid via electronic payment to ensure receipt

automatic deposits – skip the check writing and use monthly direct deposit

automatic bill paying – relax with recurring bill payments for worry-free transactions

low enrollment and monthly fees – plus, this affordable trust has no hidden fees

no limits on monthly payouts – and there is no required monthly balance minimum

web-based document library – find needed forms and trust-related files and documents

expedited service – we handle special situations in a rapid, timely manner

pooled trust submission – we submit your completed pooled trust packet to medicaid

Let KTS assist you with qualifying for Medicaid.

Why should I choose

KTS Pooled Trust?

At KTS, we understand that every person is unique, which is why we give you personalized customer service. We’ll determine what you need to successfully qualify for and maintain Medicaid eligibility, including too much earned income. We help to recover a sense of stability when times seem desperate. It’s why our members put their trust in us.

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